About Us

Why We Do What We Do:

We recognize there are many people in search of something better than the chemical filled personal care products that are on the market. Something better and yet, affordable. As mothers with the same desire, we began making our own all natural, and chemical free products and want to share them with others. Not only are our products non toxic, but we have found that they are an excellent base product to use in tandem with essential oils! We hope that others will experience the benefits of these hand-made products just as our families have.

Our Mission:

To give everyone access to affordable, high quality, NATURAL personal care products and empower them with information needed to properly apply the products to care for themselves and their families.

Who We Are:

Sister Power was founded by Yohanna Wendt and Lysette Hill. We are sisters who wanted to eliminate toxic chemicals from our homes and now seek to help others with this process by sharing our products.



Yohanna Wendt

Yohanna is a stay-home mom who homeschools her six children. She has three Associate degrees and runs a professional photography business in addition to co-founding Sister Power. She is responsible for the research and development of Sister Power’s product line. As the product expert, she can provide details regarding how each item works as well as the extent of testing completed as she developed each formula. In an effort to optimize performance, she constantly researches new and updated information as well as adding innovative ideas to the growing line of personal care products.


Lysette Hill

Lysette has a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering and has completed her certification in Raindrop Technique, Licensed Spiritual Healing, and Aromatherapy Coaching. Continuing her professional development, she is currently working on her Natural Therapies Coach certification. In addition to being a stay-home mom who homeschools her four children, she is also co-founder of Sister Power Personal Care Products and Services. She is involved in the research and development aspects of the product line while overseeing the business contracts and financials. She is instrumental in maintaining the essential oils connection with Sister Power products and corresponding business relationships.

General Product Information:

Sister Power has a selection of products that are made with natural and raw ingredients. We have developed these recipes over time and have been through many versions before finding these specific ones and will continuing to perfect them based on testimonies and feedback from many different sources. These products we use with our own families have allowed us to remove many toxic heavy personal care products from our homes. Though some of the products are labeled with one use, they each can be used for different things and can be used in tandem with products such as essential oils. We have found that essential oils are key in our chemical free journey and have added them to many aspects of our home life, from cooking, to cleaning, and even to supporting our health.